RIP Andrew Koenig

Actor Andrew Koenig, 41, who played the character ‘Boner’ in the popular sitcom Growing Pains was found dead in Vancouver’s Stanley Park by friends who were looking for him.

Andrew is the son of Star Trek actor Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov) and has been missing since Feb. 14. He was last seen near a bakery in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on February 14, and missed a scheduled flight back to the U.S. on February 16. According to his parents, Koenig left evidence that he was depressed prior to his disappearance. The Venice, Calif. native had been visiting friends in West Vancouver before he disappeared. Andrew was expected back in Los Angeles Feb. 16, but he never arrived.

Among his few roles on television is the brief appearance in Sanctuary, an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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