RIP Julie Strain

Julie Strain who was an American¬†actress¬†and¬†model¬†who was¬†Penthouse¬†Pet of the Month in June 1991 and later chosen as the magazine’s Pet of the Year in 1993, has died on January 10th.¬† Nearly one year after a false report, it was reported that she died from dementia; she was 58 years old.

in her nineteen years of acting she racked up over 130 credits, including an appearance in the Exorcist¬†spoof¬†Repossessed, Steven Seagal’s¬†Out for Justice, the Jean-Claude Van Damme film¬†Double Impact,¬†Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult,¬†Beverly Hills Cop III, and the horror films¬†Witchcraft IV: The Virgin Heart,¬†Psycho Cop Returns,¬†The Devil’s Pet,¬†Sorceress,¬†Sorceress II: The Temptress, the¬†Bare Wench¬†franchise,¬†How to Make a Monster,¬†Thirteen Erotic Ghosts, and¬†Blood Gnome, among others.

Her most well-known roles came in¬†Heavy Metal 2000¬†and the Andy Sidaris films¬†Fit to Kill,¬†Day of the Warrior, and¬†L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach, as well as Christian Drew Sidaris’s¬†Enemy Gold¬†and¬†The Dallas Connection.¬†Her half-sister Lizzy Strain followed her into acting, and the sisters both appeared in the films¬†Bleed,¬†Delta Delta Die!,¬†Birth Rite,¬†Bloodsucking Strippers,¬†No Pain No Gain,¬†Tales from the Crapper,¬†Evil Ever After,¬†Azira: Blood from the Sand,¬†Chantal,¬†The Devil’s Muse, and¬†Magus.

It was revealed in 2018 that Strain was suffering from degenerative dementia, an affliction that was tied to head trauma she received from a horse riding accident when she was in her twenties. That accident also gave her retrograde amnesia, which wiped much of her youth from her memories.

Strain was married to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman for over a decade, and together they had a son named Shane. Her longtime companion Dave had been taking care of her during her final years, and he was holding her hand when she passed away early Sunday morning.

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