RIP Koshy Thomas

About 2 hours ago I found out about the death of a former colleague and friend Koshy Thomas. He passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer. He was just 42 and leaves behind his wife Ann and two young sons.

I met Koshy while I was working in Idea Cellular’s main office for Kerala in Mercy Estate, Ravipuram. I worked there from Jan 2004 to Jan 2006. It was probably around September of 2004 when I first met Koshy while being called to get some details on the issues of a major customer. Koshy came back up upstairs to where my station was and said thanks. Afterwards I got promoted and I got to spend more time with him. We found out that we had a couple of mutual friends. He like me was also a former resident of Kuwait and we went to the same school but during different years as he was 7 years older to me. We shared similar tastes in music He treated me like I was his younger brother and used to tease me about my weight. I remember spending a couple of hours with him during New Year’s eve 2005 drinking a few vodkas before we had to leave, laughing at his jokes. I’ll forever cherish that memory.

Other than being a respected, well loved & admire long time Manager in Idea, Koshy was also a musician. From his college days he was the lead vocalist for a popular local rock band called Wrenz and later stints with Atma. When his father passed away, Koshy took up a job as a customer care rep for Escotel (which later was taken over by Idea cellular) and grew within the organization. He also met his wife Ann, who is also my former colleague & friend, at the office and there a friendship & love blossomed. Although I lost touch with them around 2007 after I had moved out, they were still in my mind as being wonderful friends. A few months back I friended him on Facebook and came to know about his battle with cancer.

Recently his friends got together to record a video of their popular single My House which was originally released a few years ago. Koshy is there singing with his beautiful voice. He’s the first one who sings, with sunglasses & bandana. Rest In Peace brother! We will all miss you. Thank you for treating me like a brother, thanks for the laughs & the friendship.

3 thoughts on “RIP Koshy Thomas

  1. Please share the lyrics of this song.. Please sir…. Can’t stop listening to this song.. His sound is so magical…

  2. I don’t have the lyrics but I will try to get it from Vinod (the tall guy who plays the guitar in the video. If not, I’ll see if I can write down the lyrics as I hear it.

    Why call me “sir”?

  3. Ohh Thank you so much I have already noted down some of the lines, but still I need the full lyrics. Actually I was a bit confused how to address you..thts y i called u “sir”.. Anyways, thnx Roshan. Eagerly waiting for the lyrics..

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