Ripped From The Headlines

Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.

This just in : Details revealed about what happened over the last weekend at Roshan’s crib; an apartment on the 7th floor of an older building in the city.

Roshan woke up at 7 am, around the time he usually wakes up on a weekend after a good night’s rest. He brushed his teeth, washed his face, urinated and then walked over to the kitchen to get some coffee. The morning was spent like a lot of mornings when he is at home on a day off – on Youtube! Watching endless videos of food, music and travel. Lunch and a nap and a movie and then it was evening. More Youtube and some blogging and by 7pm he ordered fried chicken for his dad, mom and himself and by 8pm he drank some vodka and Sprite and ate his chicken dinner and then watched some tv shows on his laptop before he fell asleep.

The next was a repeat of the previous and more movies and more Youtube and quiet lunch at home and a quieter dinner. He slept early as he had to get up by 6 am on Monday morning. And thus ends the report on the weekend at Roshan’s.

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