Ripping CDS 11

  • Ten – Pearl Jam
  • Yield – Pearl Jam
  • Riot Act – Pearl Jam

After 6 extremely uncomfortable days of training a batch of 17 agents in the totally improper facility and heat, I needed this day to be one of relaxation & quite fun. But I woke up so late that I almost gave up and was about to sleep the day in. But better sense won over and I quickly brushed my teeth and took a bath. A change of clothes later, I was off to Cafe Coffee Day for a lovely blueberry muffin & a choco frappe. Refreshed and relaxed, I decided to check out some cds at the two places nearby but found their stocks depleted and dull. I think I must have mentioned the raid that took care of most of the “pirated” dvds & vcds that used to be displayed on their shelfs.

I saw a copy of Riot Act which I grabbed in an instant. I have a copy on tape but I hadn’t heard it in a while and I hate tape now. I needed a copy of this, their weakest album in my humble opinion, to complete my Pearl Jam cd collection and I have already ripped it into mp3s and listened to them.

I went to the used book sale and grabbed a Stephen King & a Sidney Sheldon novel each and after paying for them I felt hungry as it was 1:50 pm by then. So I went to have a couple of beers and some noodles and relaxed as I read the Sheldon novel. By 4 pm I was home and took a little nap.

Song for the day – “Given To Fly” – PEARL JAM

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One thought on “Ripping CDS 11

  1. Thats a really tiring day you’ve had. My idea of relaxation is sleeping


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