Ripping CDS 4

I finally got round to ripping a few more cds into mp3s to add to my collection. It really makes it easier to listen to any & all songs that you have at your disposal. Now if there only was a way to do the same for my numerous cassette tapes! I got a suggestion from Jody, but it remains to be seen. Anyways, these are the ones I did today :

  • Tempest – Jesse Cook
  • Passion & Warfare – Steve Vai
  • Mother Head’s Family Reunion – Richie Kotzen
  • No Code – Pearl Jam
  • Train Of Thought – Dream Theatre
  • No.1s – The Scorpions
  • Afterglow – Sarah McLachlan
  • How I Feel – Terri Clark
  • The Collection – Alanis Morrisette

download chances are

This is a very varied set and I love all these albums. The first three are by some of the best guitar players around – although their playing styles are so different. The next three is by some of the best bands around – again very different styles. The last three are by three very talented Canadian women – again different styles. What is similar is the fact that they are loved by me.

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