Ripping CDS 5

Slow day today, we didn’t having running water in our apartment for most of the morning. Infact, it just came back about 15 minutes ago, luckily so I can take a bath in peace. This morning I decided to rip a few more cds. Here they are :

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  • Time Machine I & II – Joe Satriani
  • Real Illusions : Reflections – Steve Vai
  • Flashback – Oscar Lopez

Well if you don’t know these three extremely talented masters of their craft (the guitar), you should atleast be acquainted with the first two gents. The third of the trio, Oscar Lopez, is a Chilean born Canadian folk & roots guitarist. He plays flamenco & rumba music and his music is very inspiring and uplifting and soothing to hear. I would really recommend playing this cd during the evenings with a glass of win, vodka, beer or even plain water!

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