Rocking In The Monsoon Month Of June

In a surprisingly lucky break, the few rockers in the office will get a chance to get our rocks off on the 30th of this month. Turns out that one of the new joinees to the entry level call center associate post has connection with a newish local 4 piece rock band! And he can get them to play for our quarterly Rewards & Recognition function to be held on the 30th!

Seems that recently we’ve had a few rockers joining us in the entry level stage and they would also love to head bang for a couple of hours. This is a welcome relief from the deluge of lame ass Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam songs, some dance routine and sickly skits that are usually seen at these events. And don’t get me started on the saddest of fashion shows followed by a dumb DJ!

But getting a rock band is the highlight for people like me. Long time readers will remember that I sang 3 songs as part of a hastily created office rock band way back in November of 2007. That was fun. I hope this one will be so too. The band will play for free as they need exposure and the experience and we only have to foot the cost of getting their drum set from their garage to the venue. 30th June, head banging! That would be cool B)

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