Roshan Down…But Not Out

They’ve got me! But they’ll never take me alive…argh! (Oscar buzz and applause)

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No my friends, I’m just raising my weary head & body after a couple of sick days. Sunday evening I felt a little sick and thought that I was getting a fever. So I took Monday off, hoping that an extra day’s rest would cure me, but I just kept getting sicker & sicker. Even some delicious & hot chicken curry from Lotus Club that my folks & sister’s family brought me didn’t do much for me.

Tuesday I couldn’t lift my head. I was sure that it was either jaundice or viral fever. I just lay in bed unable to eat, drink or do anything. To go to the loo, it would take me 30 minutes just to get up and then 20 to tie a cloth around me and then 5 to get to the loo. I had a temperature of 103! So by evening, I was taken to the hospital, where the doctor informed me that it was infact viral fever and not jaundice. Or, like the doc put it, not jontsey! I had to check three times before I could confirm that jaundice and jontsey were one and the same. He wasn’t a Malayalee and his accent while speaking both English & Malayalam was a bit difficult to understand.

So I ended up getting a few pills and an injection on my bum. I came back home and the fever was quite rampant. I ended up sleeping for the most part of yesterday evening, night and most of today. I had my mother apply a cold, wet cloth to try and bring the fever down as well.

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I stink to hell and back because I haven’t taken a shower since Sunday (I had a body wash before going to the hospital but it just isn’t enough). I’ve sweated so much and I’ve kept the ceiling fan at a bare minimum due to my fever. My hair is sticky and dirty. My mouth feels so dry due to drinking so little water but lots of medicine in the last 4 days. I hope I feel much better tomorrow so I can take a long hot shower. And a shave! My stubble is outgrowing me.

5 thoughts on “Roshan Down…But Not Out

  1. Yipes! I hope you feel better soon. I have found sometimes if you can drag yourself to the shower, or at least bribe someone into getting you the handiwipes towlettes, you feel much better just getting some of the icky off.

    ~ Kristi

  2. Roshan! Hot damn – you scared me there! Fever is nothing to mess around with, VIRAL FEVER?? omg! you poor sweetie… so glad your family was there to help, you could have gotten seriously sick – like in a coma.

    So glad you’re back. You’ll be clean and soaped up in no time

  3. Thanks for the concern & good wishes ladies. I’m a lot better now. The medicines were quite powerful in effect and keep me sleepy throughout the days. It was only yesterday that I could stay away long enough to actually read or do something.

    A day or 2 more and I’ll be back to my former glory

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