Roshan Says To “Chillax”

After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?

There are some simple ways to chillax and mellow out after the grind of the day is over. Especially after a long, tough week you need to de-stress. I like to either unwind with a couple of cold beers or some vodka on the rocks with generous splashes of Sprite or 7up. Some good food – hopefully some pizza or burgers or fried chicken for dinner will be available.

Other ways is to put on a funny movie and watch it from my bed or maybe some good tv show episodes one after the other. Or perhaps some music. Good ole hard rock music to destress oneself, get your rocks on and rock your blues away for an hour or two. Air guitar and air drumming with unabashed enthusiasm also helps. That also helps me to unwind.

Some good weed might do the trick but then I never get my hands on any. It’s harder in this country and in this city. But it helps to smoke some and relax.

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