ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Rock Band Member Splits

rounders movie Integral, important, irreplacebale & founding members leaving a band – that’s my list for today. In several cases the remaing band members have been able to pick up, add a replacement musician/singer and continue but in some cases it’s never going to be the same. The 11 situations I am listing here are the one’s I think were the most devastating for me.

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  • Stephen Page leaving the Barenaked Ladies
  • Jason Newstead leaving Metallica
  • Sebastian Bach leaving Skid Row
  • Jani Lane leaving Warrant
  • Mike Turner leaving Our Lady Peace
  • Don Felder leaving the Eagles
  • Chris DeGarmo leaving Queensryche
  • Ross Childress leaving Collective Soul
  • Kevin Moore leaving Dream Theatre
  • Paul Gilbert leaving Mr.Big
  • Ronnie James Dio leaving Rainbow

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