ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Top 11 Canadian Movies

Canadian movies are harder to find. And I’m talking made & produced by Canadians & starring mainly Canadians. There’s a bunch of stuff that’s made in Canada for Hollywood or movies with a large Canadian cast including the leads but those don’t count. If you give them a chance these movies are great pleasant surprises. Anyway these are ones that I have seen and love.

  • Bad Cop, Bon Cop
  • Good Neighbours
  • Cafe Ole
  • Mambo Italiano
  • One Week
  • Men With Brooms
  • Breakfast With Scott
  • The Snow Walker
  • The Rocket : The Maurice Richard Story
  • Passchendaele
  • Pontypool

Honourable metions : Last Exit & The Baby Formula

4 thoughts on “ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Top 11 Canadian Movies

  1. A shame. Start with Bon Cop, Bad Cop – better than any American buddy cop movie. Next go with One week which deals with a man who has just been informed that he has cancer.

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