ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : What People In The Future Will Say About Us

What do you think people in the future, to  be safe and make it really distant let’s say people who live 5000 years from now, will look upon us and say about how we live now?

  • “Oh man, they believed in the stories of mythology and worshiped imaginary gods?” or “Man did they have some hokey religions back then! I can’t believe they believed in those gods/religions!”
  • “They used to kill living animals and cook their meat  and eat them? How disgusting & primitive!” or “They used to eat vegetables? How disgusting & primitive!”
  • “I can’t believe that all those humans lived just on the one planet!”
  • “They used WHAT to power their vehicles? Eww”
  • “Countries and borders? What are those?”
  • “What’s money/currency? No shit, they had to “work” for that and people had to buy things with them?”
  • “What’s rape/brutality/slavery/racism?”
  • “You mean they say in front of a display device and sat for hours? And that was entertainment?”
  • “What is this….politics that they had?”
  • “Body hair????? Yuck, ugh, gross!”
  • “They fought amongst each other and killed millions of themselves? They weren’t very evolved were they?”

Those are my top 11 :D

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