Roshcilles Heel

So I last 3 days or 3.5 days before I had to give up. Saturday I went to work and it was ok even though there was some pain in my ankle. But I felt ok by the end of the shift at 1:30 am. On Sunday, as I blogged earlier, I went out with my best buds and after dinner we did walk a lot at the mall which in hindsight wasn’t the best thing for me. Monday, yesterday, I thought I was ok but I went to work and after some time my ankle started hurting again. I also have this problem that I need to walk around the training room while I train and hence that could also have contributed a bit.

By 8pm I was hurting a bit more so I decided to go home and have a colleague cover the sessions for the day. I spoke to my boss and post dinner at 8:45 pm I hired a cab and by 10pm I was back home and lying down in bed resting for a while before watching some tv and going to sleep. Today I went to another hospital and tried to see the Orthopedic doctor but he was in surgery all day and hence I went to see the casualty doctor and explained the whole story. She asked me to get an x-ray done and so I paid for it and went to the nurses in the x-ray ward and got my foot and ankle x-rayed. The doc said that it doesn’t look like there is a fracture of any sort but to be doubly sure she wanted me to come back tomorrow and see the ortho guy. She prescribed me some painkillers and told me to take rest.

I am resting today and tomorrow, other than the visit to the hospital. I don’t want to take anymore leaves. This ankle thing is bugging me already. Enough is enough, heal already you stupid heel! (sometimes I crack myself up )

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