Rossif Sutherland

While searching for information in Wikipedia on some sci-fi movies that I had seen recently, I found that one of the actors in the movie Timeline was named Rossif Sutherland. Click the link on his bio, just because of his last name, I found that he was Donald Sutherland’s son & the half-brother of Keifer! Nice genes to have. He hasn’t got the fame that his bro & dad have but he is multi-talented. He also sings, sounds like a black man rather than white, and I liked his music, which you can hear on his Myspace page. His music is folksy-acoustic like in Heart In A Cloud & a bluesy pop-rock feel in Miracle. They sound really cool & good but he says that it’s still mainly rough cuts of what he wants to release on his upcoming album! They sound fine to me. Take a listen.

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