Saskatchewan – new source of comedy

The latest two tv series which I have seen and have liked so much that I want to collect all their episodes are both Canadian and based in the Prairie province of Saskatchewan. Little Mosque On The Prairie is about a fictional small town in Saskatchewan which has a small but vocal Muslim community. Corner Gas is a more established & successful comedy also based in a fictional small town in Saskatchewan. But both are funny and fresh and offer you a different look at small town madness. I stream episodes from a couple of websites that offer you this facility for free.

cat people dvd

Whereas one is more about a minority group trying hard to fit in and stick to their rules at the same time (with hilarious effect), the other is more about your average Joe, albeit sarcastically funny, whose thoughts are sometimes shown to us in clips. They both don’t use the normal studio settings or the laugh track / live audience route. They are shot on location and hence is a different perspective on the normal comedy routine. I look forward to streaming many more episodes of them both.

Song for the day – “I Love Not Loving You” – WIDE MOUTH MASON

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