Saturday Afternoon Out With My Cousin

I hadn’t met my cousin Sujith since the first week of August. When we usually meet it’s to discuss Science Fiction movies & tv series, maybe some music and stuff. And ofcourse to eat some good food and have a few drinks. Today we spoke in the morning and decided to meet up in the early afternoon. Today’s destination is our favourite place – Golden Dragon (the original branch in Ravipuram) at around 12:30pm.

I met him at the assigned time and we went in after a brief stop at the ATM on the main road. We wanted the above dish which was Szechwan fried prawns. Delicious but I remember them being much bigger than this. We also ordered some vodka and Sprite.

We also had some dragon chicken and then spilt some fried rice & noodles with garlic prawns and Hong Kong chicken. Alhough the food was good the waiters messed up our orders and came back twice saying that a dish we had ordered was not available. Plus they also got our bill wrong at the end, charging us for something we didn’t get and not charging us for a dish we ordered. I dunno what has happened to these guys. This has never happened there before!

Anyway we had a wonderful time drinking our vodkas and eating good food and chatting for almost 3 hours and 45 minutes. This is one reason we love this place; great authentic Chinese food and they serve alcohol and you can chillax for hours. Post that we decided to get some sundaes and went to Cocoa Tree and ordered their Rocky Road sundaes which are just awesome. This place also has a lot of chicks any time of the day. That done by 5:15pm we left our separate ways.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Out With My Cousin

  1. They had a couple of new waiters. Usually they are great but our waiter was a bit…..lost is how I can most politely put it!

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