Saturday Lunch Out

Saturday is usually the day of the week that I go out to get some coffee, have some good food and even trying out some new food item and also it is the day of beer. Today was no exception but in hindsight I should have take rest today during the day and gone out either in the evening or on Sunday. I was just very tired and sleepy, not having slept much in the night.


But I did go out at about 11:45 am. First off was some coffee, the cold variety, and a burger. I went to Cocoa Tree and tried out an item I have never tried out before. It was the Southern Fried Chicken burger that comes with an order of fries (as all their burgers and sandwiches do). It was a really good burger and that chicken breast piece was juice on the inside and crispy on the outside. Enjoyed it with some bacon added as a topping.


After that it was off to have some beer. I downed two of these Heineken 350ml bottles of beer. I only tried Heineken for the first time last week and I like it a lot. Truth be told, there isn’t too much of a different between the lagers I get over here but I do like it. I started feeling sleepy midway through the second bottle and hence came back home quickly.


I also had some tempura prawns – which are amazingly delicious – and they come with a sweet & slightly sour chutney to dip them in. Hmmm, amazingly tasty and awesome when served hot. One of my favourite snacks at the Couchyn beer parlour.

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