Saturday Morning Movie

Despite working from 5:30 pm to 2:30 am on Friday I woke up by 7:30 am today in order to go to Lulu Mall and watch a 10 am showing of the movie Blade Runner : 2045. Unfortunately they were showing the film at only the morning 10 am or the 4:45 pm show. Now, coming outta Lulu Mall in the late evening hours and trying to get back to my place on a weekend, especially with the Under 17 FIFA World Cup game being held at Kaloor stadium is not a good choice. So I decided to go for the morning show.

So I woke up at 7:30 am though I still lay in bed till 8. I then woke up and brushed my teeth and got some coffee. I then ironed my shirt and shaved and took a shower. I hailed an Uber at 9:15 am and reached Lulu Mall by 9:38 am as there was hardly any traffic this morning. Then I went in and showed my e-ticket and go into the PVR and bought popcorn and Pepsi – my breakfast – and asked them to bring it to my seat.

Unfortunately my seat was not good and I ended up sitting on the edge of my seat as the recliner was setup way too back and I just couldn’t get it to be proper. Anyways after the movie, I went to get some nice chicken for lunch and then went to a Vodafone store in the heavy traffic and waited almost 2 hours for them to get me the new SIM for mum’s phone and for me to link my aadhar to my account. Then I bought a few snacks for the weekend and came home.

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