Saturday Sleep Fever

Today I was lazy. I dunno what happened but I just abandoned all my plans and slept in. I was supposed to go out in the morning by 11:30 am or atleast by noon, go to the aadhaar office and get my phone number connected to my aadhar account. After that I was to go to an Airtel or Idea office and get a new prepaid connection & SIM for a purpose which I shall get into in a later post. And then I thought I would go for a late but delicious pizza lunch at Pizzaeria 360. It was not to be.

I left the office late yesterday and ended up reaching home by around 5:30 am which meant less sleep. I struggled to go to sleep by 6 am and woke up at around 10:30 am but I was still tired and so I slept for about 45 minutes more. Even coffee couldn’t make me wanna go out. I still debated and planned for a while but at 1pm I gave up when shaving seemed like a huge chore. I then ordered a pizza for a late lunch – late because it arrived so late – and went to watch some tv. Pizza and a Sprite later I took a long nap.

This evening was more coffee and a light snack plus watching some football. The mosquitoes are out in full force but it’s an ok evening. I’ll watch a movie in a little while. Tomorrow will be more of relaxing and watching a couple of movies. And more Youtube. I will go to the aadhar office on Monday morning. I hope.

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