Saturday Spent @ Home

Today didn’t happen as I had planned but I’m glad that I got a day to rest. I couldn’t sleep last night, tossing and turning from around 1:30 am till about 3 am when I finally said to “hell with it”! I sat up and switched the light on and watched about half of Bon Cop, Bad Cop. I then slept for a while until about 7 am when my alarm went off but managed to sleep for an hour more.

I didn’t eat any breakfast but gulped down two boiling hot cups of strong, black coffee which I needed just to keep my eyelids open. I fought off exhaustion until almost 12:30 pm when hunger also overcame me and I quickly heated up the left over pizza slices on a frying pan (tastes good all toasted) and ate my lunch. Then it was watching the rest of the movie and a nice solid 3 hour sleep. I feel so much more refreshed and alive in the evening.

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