Saturdays are so casual

It used to be that Fridays at my previous company but here it is on Saturdays were you have that casual atmosphere. Ofcourse it being a customer care service, we work 24/7 but Sundays do not count – cause my department (Training) does not work on Sundays. Unfortunately, unlike our company’s normal everyday casual dress culture, we have to follow our client’s culture of formals from Monday-Friday and casual only on Saturday and for anyone working on Sunday. This sucks as you don’t meet any customers face to face and therefore you should be comfortable with what you wear in such a work. But our client’s demand that we follow their culture. Whatever!

I wore what is now my fav outfit for these days – a black cotton shirt (hell in the outside sun & heat but great for the hours inside the cool office) and my light brown jeans. That reminds me I also need to buy a new pair of shoes!

Akhil, Vineetha, Kiran & Jeeja are now my circle of close friends at the office now. I tend to spend most of my time with them. And they are all worth spending time with. Not much to do today again, except to check on the training going on in the other section and help out if things get out of hand. Was quite boring. I had a light lunch….at 4:30 pm! By 7 pm I was outta there but there was a traffic jam all the way from Palarivattom till Kacheripady. Went over to the ATM and then decided to have a milkshake before going home. Not a good idea since I have a sinus problem going on at the moment.

Added late into the night : I was kinda falling asleep on the couch while trying to watch a football match on tv. Stumbled to my room by 11 pm and hit the sack for a solid four hours before a noise outside woke me up. I am so tired due to the sinusitis and will be sleeping soundly again. Goodnite folks!

Song for the day – “The Riddle” – STEVE VAI

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