Save On Deals

How do you save money on your grocery bill?

Well I am not really a savvy shopper. I get distracted to shiny things and tempting looking stuff on the shelves and racks at the grocery store. My store of choice is Bib Bazaar at the moment and I have two that I regularly go to.

I always tends to look and find deals for soaps, toothpastes, biscuits and other stuff. I do not tend to stick to one brand and will usually get the ones that have a deal like a 3 for the price for one or something like that. Buy three cookie packets and save money – two Sundays ago I bought a brand that I have never tried before just because of the deal which was way cheaper than even getting two of my usual brand.

So that’s what I usually do. I will try and go for the deal even if it isn’t my favourite brand or usual choice if it means that I can save a little bit of cash.

Prompt from 28 Days of Writing Prompts at The SitsGirls

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