Say It Properly

I’d like to inform my fellow Indians, and anyone of any nationality who does this, that substituting swear words with similar sounding words is outright lame, stupid and shows that you have no balls!! And no fucking imagination to speak of.

You know what I am talking about. It’s bad that the Indian cable channels do it all the time but individuals doing it is just taking it to a whole new level of dumbness. If you can’t use a swear word in the company that you are in, then don’t use it at all. Tv channels in India bleep the offending word and in the subtitles that come along with the movie, substitute words like “bitch” with “witch”, “son of a bitch” is “son of a witch/gun”, “sex” & “ass” is substituted with “***”!!! Come one, us Indians have the second most largest population in the world, we know what sex is. We have too many people in our country – clearly, somebody is fucking!! And fucking too much apparently!

So coming back to it, if you want to say “fuck” say “fuck” and don’t say “fish”. If you want to say “shit” say “shit” and not “sheesh”. If you wanna say “son of a bitch” say that and don’t say “son of a gun”! Say it, just bloody well say it and act like a grown up and a not a wimpy ass crying stupid pre-teen! Heck even pre-teens have more balls than a wimp dick lame ass who says “fish” instead of “fuck”!

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