Scare Of Measles, Allergic Reactions, Skull Cramps & No Buses – Part 1

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Wow, that heading is a mouthfull! Anyways that’s what my day was all about. It started out with the realization that there were no buses in the city today due to the announcement of a 2 day work strike. The reason was the lowered rates as declared recently due to the lowering of fuel prices. So that was waiting for us.

By the time I got the office, started discussig upcoming work with a couple of my team members & got to my seat, I had a major headache throbing away to full glory. I have heard this term called skull cramp – that’s exactly what it felt like. I still soldiered on and continued with my work. A meeting with video conferencing was called at 1pm and by my luck, I was sitting right in the front, staring at the screen from close range. My headache went to 4.5 on the richter scale.

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I had a late lunch and came back to my seat when another smaller meeting was called. I dragged my self to attend that one for 30 minutes and then went to talk to my team mates for some other stuff. My head began to feel like there was a war going on inside it. By 5.45 I had had it and went to the cafeteria for fresh air and a snack along with tea. At 10 minutes past 6 pm, I felt much better. The throbbing had died down. I sent all my reports, mails and managed to have a small joking session for about 10 minutes with some colleagues. 7:15 pm and it was time to go.

I’ll be back in a bit….my head is throbbing right now.

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2 thoughts on “Scare Of Measles, Allergic Reactions, Skull Cramps & No Buses – Part 1

  1. skull cramp? never heard of that one before? i know sometimes i feel like i have brain cramps! lol! ya know when the melon just doesn’t want to work!!

  2. Lol, that’s a good one. I looked it up a bit and skull cramp is a Canadian term, if I am not mistaken, for migraines or really bad throbbing headaches.

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