Scare Of Measles, Allergic Reactions, Skull Cramps & No Buses – Part 2

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Since there were no buses playing their trade in the city, the company had arranged cabs for us employees. However there were just two of us, me & my friend from HR Kiran, who were leaving at that time. Then we were requested to take care of a lady employee, from among the call center agents, who was ill and had to be taken to the hospital. This young girl had an allergic reaction to some medicine she had taken for a cold & headache. So Kiran and I offered to taken her to a nearby hospital and then drop her home in the cab before we were taken to our respective homes.

We had just set out when we were called back to the office – another lady was ill and this time they suspected measles. A case of German Measles had been working it’s way across the employees and this was victim number 11. So we went back, picked this girl up and drove to the hospital. There we waited, along with a few football players from CUSAT  (Cochin University of Science & Technology) whose team mate was injured from a fall he took on the field, until the on call doctor could diagnose the two girls. It was as suspected – allergic reaction to taking the wrong medicine for the first girl & measles for the latter. Not German by the way; it was your garden variety good ole ordinary Indian measles .

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Then we dropped off the measles ridden girls at her home as the other one would be taken care of by some other colleague. It was a long, long drive from Kalamassery to the end of Vypeen. Once we had her safe in her house, the cab driver drove us to Vytilla so we could drop of Kiran and finally at 10:15 pm, 3 hours after I had left the office, I reached home. What a day!

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  1. I will try. But it’s going to be hard as there’s around 450 people in our office and in an AC environment, this disease can spread quickly. We’re looking for vaccination.

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