Scared Shitless!

I love this term, scared shitless! I use this term a lot to describe a good horror flick/story or other people’s experiences with a horror based situation. But how did this term come about?

When you think about it, it does make sense. You are so scared that even one of the basic bodily functions, of passing shit, is not possible. It’s like your body has frozen that it can bring it self to push and shit. Or atleast the shit has frozen solid due to fear (you normally associate fear with cold, right?) and can not come out.

But on the other hand….when a person is faced with something that frightens them a lot, they usually lose control of bodily functions. How many times have you heard or seen someone wet their pants when they are frightened so much? So shouldn’t that be the case in case of poo? Should they also poop their pants when extremely scared?

Or is scared shitless mean that you pooped out everything in fear and are now shitless as there is, literally, no more poop in you? I’m confused!

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