Scars Of Dracula

The next movie in the Hammer Horror series is Scars Of Dracula in 1970, with Christopher Lee returning as the Count. Carrying off from where the last movie ended, Dracula is resurrected when a large bat comes in and drips blood over his remains (his cape, a scattered pile of red dust and dried blood). After a year or so in Dracula’s homeland, the villagers are angered by the death of another young woman. With a priest’s blessing, they rise up and set fire to Castle Dracula. However, the Count is safely asleep in a solid stone crypt. When the villagers return home, they find that every single woman and child in the village has been slaughtered in the church by bats. Much later a playboy, Paul Carlson having just spent the afternoon making love to the burgomasters’ daughter, gets ready to leave for the birthday party of friend Sarah Framsen (whom Paul’s brother Simon covets). He is falsely accused of rape by his lover when her father walks in on them and sees his daughter naked but for a sheet.

Paul escapes from their house and goes to the party but soon leaves when the cops show up looking for him. Paul runs into the woods and jumping into a nearby coach which, though driverless, heads off at great speed and stops at Dracula’s mountain top castle. Initially he is welcomed by the Count and a beautiful woman named Tania who later reveals herself to be a prisoner of Dracula as his mistress. Paul later has a liaison with Tania who concludes their lovemaking by trying to bite his neck. Dracula enters and, casually throwing off Paul’s efforts to stop him, savagely stabs Tania to death with a dagger for betraying him. The vampires servant Klove dismembers her body and dissolves the pieces in a bath of either holy water or acid. Trapped in a room high in the castle, Paul uses a line to climb down to a lower window but the line is withdrawn by Klove and he is trapped in a dark room with only door locked and a coffin at the center of the room.

Simon & Sarah go in search for him and find a tavern in the old village where Paul briefly stopped and get directions to the castle from the bar mail who almost made out with Paul. Dracula welcomes them and immediately decides that he must have the beautiful Sarah but so does Klove, who falls in love with the lass on seeing her. He refuses to remove Sarah’s crucifix when she is sleeping and thus is whipped by Dracula. Simon, having enlisted the help of the village priest, goes back to the castle to look for his brother. However, the priest is attacked by a large bat and killed and Simon is betrayed by Klove, ending up in the same locked room as his brother. Opening the coffin in the middle of the room, Simon discovers the sleeping Dracula, but the vampire’s power reaches through his closed eyelids causing the young man to collapse before he can take action against the Count. When he recovers, Simon finds Paul’s corpse and then sees that Dracula has his bat remove the crucifix off Sarah’s neck.

Just then, Klove arrives on the battlements attacks the Count with the dagger the vampire used to murder Tania. But the servant is hopelessly outmatched by the vampire’s inhuman strength and is thrown over the side of the castle by Dracula. Simon arrives and throws a heavy iron spike at the Count with the intention of staking him in the heart. the spike pierces the Count, but on the wrong side of the chest. Unharmed, Dracula raises the spike ready to impale Simon. But the spike is struck by lightning and Dracula, is immediately engulfed in flames. Staggering in agony, the Count collapses and topples over the castle’s battlements before falling to the far ground below where his corpse continues to burn fiercely.

6 outta 10! The movie was kinda boring in places.

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