Searching For A New TV

A few months ago my parents declared that they wanted to get a new television. The old BPL tv that we had was getting very outdated. They wanted an LSD tv. The damn things cost a lot and it was outta my dad’s budget as well as mine. I ruled it out. Then the BPL tv blitzed out and after trying to get it repaired a couple of times, we knew that it was dead. The immediately easy solution was an even older tv, but one which was still working, than an uncle of mine gave me.

This old Sony became the tv on which we watched all our programs in the apartment. It’s 22 inches, bulky and you can’t tune S band channels on it. So that means losing out on some of the better channels that my cable company provides us. I get some good channels but it isn’t enough. I started watching tv lesser and lesser anyways. My parents now really wanted the LCD tv or atleast a brand new big tv. I was like “for watching your stupid Idea Star Singer shitty song contest with that idiot host and dumb judges and really worthless religious minded tv serials with acting abilities of donkeys?”

So buying a new tv was kept on hold for a long time. Now they seem to want one. Yesterday my sister and mother went to a huge store that has a lot of tv sets on display – LCD and other wise. The prices are about as big as the damn tv themselves. I can’t afford a big (read 29 inches and above) LCD tv at the moment. I just can’t. A 22 in tv seems to be within range and I could stretch the bank balance and get it in a few days. I went to check out a few tvs in a store near here and the 22 inch ones look good but if you are buying a new tv than I guess 29 inches is a minimum. So I’m not sure. I’ll go out tomorrow and check out some more stores and then select one model. Don’t know if I can afford a big LCD tv but we’ll see.

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