Season – Don’t Change

When the seasons change, are you usually glad to be moving into a new one, or wishing for one more week of the old?

No no, I do not wish for this season to change. In Kerala the heat has been unbearable for the past couple of years. Making it really hot during the day and too sunny as well and the nights are terrible. With the humidity and the heat comes mosquitoes, so you can’t keep your windows open at night and so you sweat in your sheets and wake up with a dry mouth and dehydration and you can’t wait for the showers to come.

Since late May we have had rain. The monsoon started off with a bang and stayed that way for a while before calming down with occasional showers but a nice, cool climate with lots of cool breezes and hardly any sunny days. This means, we don’t sweat out buckets on a daily basis and evenings are so pleasant with glorious breezes blowing in through the open windows. A huge plus is that the mosquitoes have mostly stayed away. A good solid rain every 3-4 days will be fine, it keeps things cool and doesn’t let us get water logged streets for too long.

This is good weather for us. We don’t suffer from the heat and humidity.

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