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Ooh a couple of nights ago I had this vivid dream. I was a secret agent, a spy working for “some agency” on a dangerous assignment but one vital to maintaining peace and avoiding a war between several nations. The task was to infiltrate a club of very rich and powerful men & women who hail from all over the world and they meet up once a month for a weekend in an island. I was given papers and forged documents and name – showing me to a low profile but highly powerful & rich businessman involved in several key projects in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. On my new false identity being monitored by the elitist club, I was deemed a welcome addition and a possible powerful component in their plans to take over the world.

I was initially invited for lunch at a country club, a kind of interview to see if my philosophies and intentions match the secret club’s and before desert was done at the of a lavish meal they had decided in my favour. My fake identity had worked. Yet they still monitored me in my lavish presidential suite in one of the most expensive hotels in Europe and I could see that I was being followed were ever I go and watched by several men and women. I used untamperable cell phones to call my contacts in the agency I represent and give them reports of my daily activities. They were worried that I would be found out as that would mean torture & sure death but the mission was vital. Soon I was officially invited to join the club on their island getaway. I was to join them for a weekend of cocktail parties, dinner followed by the agenda for that month and meeting several of the other members of this secret club. I was flown in by a chartered jet and whisked into a giant complex that served as the headquarters. It was heavily guarded and I knew that I would not be able to sneak a gun into the club due to their metal detectors and hastily hid my weapon without being seen.

At the club a grand party awaited all the members with musicians, waiters and dozens of scantily clad sexy women hired as hostesses to keep the members entertained. Honestly I could barely keep my eyes off the string bikini bottoms and pasties that just managed to cover the nipple areas of the hostesses. As I mingled and kept an eye out for any meaningful dialogues, I was astonished on seeing a familiar face and, well, body – an ex girlfriend of mine (in real life) was one of the hostesses. As she glided seductively in my direction my eyes took a walk all over her body. I was worried that she was involved in this scheme but she made no signs of having recognized my true identity. She latched herself onto me, like several of the women were clinging onto the rich & powerful men & women too. She whispered into my ear that we should find some place private to be alone and as she led me away, the rest of the members laughed and said “so he is already going to get laid and so soon!” Because the women were also hired to keep the guests sexually satisfied.

As we walked away this woman told me that she was also working for the same agency that I was and that we had to get out of there to pass on an important mission. She had a yatch ready for us to go in and once clear of the island we could relay our message – the timings of the secret club’s plan had been changed and a terrorist group were going to attack an important building the next day. We went in the yatch and once clear of the island relayed our message. With a sigh of relief she sat down and we started talking about the mission. As we talked, I was well aware of her almost naked & shapely body next to me and soon I pulled her close to me and kissed her. We ended up making love in the moonlight and slept in each others arms. She had to get me back to the island before dawn as my absence would arouse suspicions and the entertainment supervisor at the club would be looking for her in the morning. We made plans to meet once the weekend was over and figure out our next move once we reported back  to our agency.

After I got down from the yatch, she went back in to get something and —- the yatch below up in a loud explosion! That’s when I woke up from my dream!!!

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