Seeing My Cousins

After a gap of 7 years, I saw my cousin Sandhya today evening. After a gap of 5 years I saw my cousin (and Sandhya’s brother) Navin today evening. Oh man, how the years do roll on by. I normally chat with Sandhya on MSN whenever we both manage to be online at the same time but Navin has been a stranger since 2002, when I saw him last. For many years, the three of us, along with my sister & their brother Manoj were inseparable and we spent many weekends and holidays together. How I wish those good old days coule come around again. In a small way, it did tonight.

Sandhya & Navin were on a visit to India from Wales and they reached Cochin last night. I was supposed to spend a drunken two days with them & others in Bangalore but work intervened. So meeting up in Cochin it is! Me, my sister, her three kids & husband, Raju & his wife & kid, Kannanchettan and his wife & son and our cousin Roshni all went out to have dinner at Avenue Regent with Sandhya & Navin. We met around two, said the usual “hi’s” and then us guys went to have a few drinks. The Regent has this truly excellent lounge called ‘Loungevity’ and it is amazing! We had a margarita each and then moved onto vodkas + sprites.

We joined the ladies & the kids for dinner and enjoyed a wonderful & fun 2 hours, while talking about the future and rehashing old stories. Me, I was in fine form, embarrassing Navin with stories about his adventures during his childhood and I didn’t spare Sandhya either. I missed them a whole lot and the only downside about this get together is that I am gonna miss them a whole lot more now.

Anways, we ate dinner, although for the life of me I can’t remember what I had! Then we had to say goodbye and went home. I must say goodnight too since I have to get up in just a couple of hours to get to work.

Song for the day – “Top Of The World” – VAN HALEN

2 thoughts on “Seeing My Cousins

  1. I agree Roshan – those were the good old days. I wish that we could go back and relive them – life was so different then. Maybe we can arrange another get together next year – one that all of us can attend – and have some fun :o)

  2. As I suspected, you can’t stay away. There was just one thing missing last nite to make it complete…. and you look at his face everytime you shave, buddy!!

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