Yesterday afternoon I was in the 2 member interview panel for existing call center agents to move to another center for a deputation period of just 30 days. We have a new center starting up and it’s the same product, although there will be lots of changes in the details, but it’s a different city, culture & language. However, the customer care there will have an option for choosing English as the language of communication. So our guys will also be eligible, provided that they can speak English good enough and can actually frame some sentences without making too many grammar mistakes.

download bolt Ah, easier said than done. We had a tough time. Apparently there were about 40 people who had applied for the 30 day option to go to the new center and before I came into the picture, about 10 were already interviewed. They asked me to come in by 3pm and the two of us spoke to 22 agents, all guys, and we selected 8 of them. Out of that bunch, 3 were my former trainees and since I had a good idea of how well they can speak, those 3 were easy enough decisions. I only selected 1 out of the 3.

Funny part was one fellow, who I hadn’t spoken to before at all. I asked him 5 questions…..and he gave me the same answer for each! There was no way that I was going to select him. But he was also the most genuine guy out of the 22. What a shame!

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