Selma – The Wonder From Down Under

This is Selma.

She blogs at Selma In The City. She is a wonderful writer.

She really does have a way with words; her short stories are so good you can get mental images of the people, places and events she is writing about.

She lives in Sydney, Australia. My first Aussie friend.

But she was born & lived in Scotland for many years.

She has a wonderful husband and a wonderful son.

I don’t know when she first stared visiting my blog. I think I visited hers and started commenting on some of her blog posts and then she started doing the same on mine. I think it must have started in late 2007 , December of that year. It was on a post about my fav Neil Young songs that Selma first entered my life. And she has been a very loyal friend who means a lot to me. Just as much as  my friends over here.

She is a soul who I have never met but has come to mean so much to me. Along with a couple of others, I refer to Selma as one of my cheerleaders! Cause that’s what she does, she cheers me on and encourages me and makes me feel that I am something better than what I am. She likes my writing, thinks I am funny and laughs at my weird sense of humour. She is always supportive and has a good thing to say about me. Can you blame me for liking her a lot? As far as friends go, Selma is someone I consider to be among the closest that I have ever had. Even if I haven’t met and probably never will.

She recently hit 300 comments in my blog. That is something I celebrate and feel proud of. This is a big deal for me. So this blog post is for you Selma. Thank you for being my friend, thank you for being there for me. Some days when I am down and I log into my blog and see that you have comment on something recently, it brightens things up for me considerably and makes me smile. I love you. Thank you buddy!

3 thoughts on “Selma – The Wonder From Down Under

  1. Awww. Thank you so much, Roshan. I am really touched. Have I really made 300 comments? WOW. You have made my day by writing this. And I am definitely one of your cheerleaders. Always will be. It is fun to visit your blog. I always find something interesting to read. And I love you too XX

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