Semia Uppma Recipe

This is what I took for lunch today to the office. Semia is vermicelli and it’s a favourite of mine. I like semia uppma for breakfast although we sometimes make it for dinner as well. It’s light and never leaves you feeling stuffed and bloated. Here is the recipe as explained to me by mom:

  • boil the vermicelli for about 10 minutes and then strain the water
  • in a cooking pot add oil and heat the pot
  • add mustard seeds to the oil and wait until the seeds split
  • add finely chopped onions, a little green chilli and some kariveppila (curry leaves)
  • add salt to taste and mix it up a bit
  • and then add the vermicelli

Serve it in a bowl like noodles. I guess some people might want to add a few more stuff like carrots or some other veggies. We do it the simple way at home. Enjoy!

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