Senators Calling For Football Style Cheering Section

According to news reports from the Canadian capital, the Ottawa Senators are looking to create a soccer (football)-style atmosphere at the Canadian Tire Centre this season. In order to boost the team and regular fans who haven’t had much to cheer in the last few seasons, the Sens are hoping this boisterous loud support will work to their advantage. Section 319 will be cordoned off for the Red Scarf Union – the team’s official fan group – for 10 games this season, according to Chris Hofley of the Ottawa Sun.

The “official supporters section” will allow standing, chanting, signage and supporters will be encouraged to generate as much noise (and maybe a little hatred toward the opposing team) as possible. Ottawa may be tip-toeing into the idea, but creativity appears necessary for the Senators; they are the only Canadian franchise that has experienced attendance issues over the past few seasons.

Well we do need something. With owner Eugene Melnyk unable to pump in enough money to buy or trade for top players who can score goals and letting go of some of our marquee names, the fans need something. Lean years are ahead!

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