Sens : Looking Foward To The Next Season

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There will be no playoffs for the Ottawa Senators. After 77 games we are at 33 wins, 34 loses & 10 OTs for a grant total of 76 points. Only 76! We scored 203 goals while giving up 222 goals – and therein lies the problem!

download the cook the thief his wife her lover dvd The reason why the Sens won’t make the playoffs this season is that we got less secondary scores. Plus our defence was shaky and we did not have consistent goaltending. Auld, Elliot & Gerber were the 3 goalies at our displosal when the season began, with Elliot playing for the B Sens. Just before the deadline we traded Antoine Vermette (who is settling well and scoring, I must say, for the Bluejackets) to Columbus for goalie Pascal Leclaire. Leclaire is injured and has so far not played for the Sens but the hope is that he will feature as the starter for the next season.

Is Leclaire the steady goalie that we have been looking for? Although I think he will be a better fit than Gerber, I don’t think that we are going to win the Stanley Cup with him between the pipes. Auld is a steady backup and Elliot has charmed many fans with his excellent form but both goalies will not be as consistent as needed to win the Cup.

download slow burn dvd And we need 2 top 6 defencemen. And a 20 goal scorer. I hope we trade for a couple of really good big name players by October. But what about the draft? Will we get a really hot young prospect? John Tavares may be out of reach but I wonder.

download the hoax movie download man to man dvd So no playoffs! This must be what it feels like to be a Maple Leafs fan, eh Toronto? My only consolation is that they won’t make it to the playoffs as well and that it’s the 4th consecutive time for them.

2 thoughts on “Sens : Looking Foward To The Next Season

  1. Toronto won’t be in the playoffs either this year. But it serves them right. They should miss the playoffs for the next 42 years just to teach them a lesson.

    Montreal, however, did pretty well.

  2. I would want all the Canadian teams to do well in the playoffs….even Toronto I think both Vancouver & Calgary have a good shot at the cup this year.

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