Sentimental -of or prompted by feelings of tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia. That’s the definition. And I am a sentimental person. To a fault. So many things have sentimental value to me. I can be brought to tears by seeing something that has lots of sentimental value to me.

A special song with meaningful lyrics, a movie, a tv series – things that remind me of time gone by, of better days or special days. Of days spent with friends or family and having a good time. And knowing that those days may never come back again. Those mean a lot to me and when I think of them I feel nostalgic, sad and I long to have them again.

Youth is fleeting, I know. I wish we could stay young forever or freeze time or bottle it and go back to it again and again so we never have to long for it. I wish we could do that but we can’t. I guess that’s what makes them special.

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