Served Any Which Way You Like

There’s nothing I like having for breakfast more than a big omelette. There’s a lot that you can do with two eggs cooked as an omelette. There’s so much stuff that you can add. The normal, usual plain ones that I get are usually just two eggs with a bit of chopped onions and green chilly added to the mix. Nothing fancy but it’s reliable and quick to make. With some toasted bread you can eat it as sandwiches and that serves as the fuel for the rest of the day.

My uncle taught me how adding a little milk into the pan just after the beaten eggs are poured in, gives the omelette a whole new taste and smell. If you are hungry, getting a whiff of the milk cooking with the eggs increases your hunger and you will be left drooling for a bite of the omelette. Trust me – I was skeptical of adding the milk until I smelled and then tasted the eggs. Hmmmm, mmm!

And now stuffings! What to add to an omelette to make it even more delicious and more of a meal? Chopped up tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, garlic, cheese and some veggies. You can also use chopped up meat – beef, ham, pork, lamb or chicken. At one of the bars I go, they make rather excellent chicken omelettes which go very well with some cold beer. Those are rather fine. But anyway you make them, omlettes are the ultimate breakfast.

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