SG1’s Other Guys

I watched The Other Guys, a hilariously funny episode of Stargate SG1, season 6. The episode focuses on two guest stars who join SG1 on a special under cover mission – while totally unaware of the actual situation but end up helping in saving the day. The guest stars are Patrick McKenna & John Billingsly, two actors I have seen in many roles over the years – none as funny as this.

McKenna (the actor on the right) is a Canadian actor I used to watch on a series called Traders and in many guest roles in various tv series and a movie or two. Billingsly, on the left is a beloved actor to most Trekkies as Dr.Phlox in Star Trek: Enterprise and in the low budget but highly acclaimed movie The Man From Earth. The third actor in the middle doesn’t have much of a role in the episode. McKenna & Billingsly play two scientists – Dr. Felger & Dr. Coombs respectively – who are on a planet along with SG1 researching a set of Go’aul transport rings. The SG1 team gets attacked by Jaffa soldiers and are caught. Felger & Coombs, who were ordered by Col. O’Neill to gate back to the SGC, instead only send the 3r scientist back and on Felger’s urging, Coombs and he sneak into the Go’auld ship in an effort to rescue the team.

Felger is the more ambitious one and he worships the SG1 team while Coombs is more scared and just follows his colleague. The duo stumble into the room where the SG1 team is kept and join them but there they are informed that SG1 purposely let themselves be captured to get info from the Tokra who are posing as Jaffa & Go’auld onboard the ship. However their plans hit the wall when the Tokra are found out and killed. The comical duo manage to help the SG1 members escape and infact actual contribute a lot more, even though they more or less fluke their way through. What also sets this episode apart are the one-liners that Col. O’Neill blasts out to the Go’uald.

Jaffa: This is nothing compared to what Anubis is capable of.
O’Neill: You ended that sentence with a preposition! Bastard!

And when the Jaffa leader has the team hauled off into the shielded room, O’Neill says “What no gloating? Take some pride in your work, son!”

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