Share 5 Things You Absolutely Can Not Live Without

Share 5 things you absolutely can not live without

1. Music : Specifically hard rock & heavy metal. While I do love some pop (mostly 70s & 80s pop and maybe a few from the 90s) overall rock is my life. I do not think life would be worth living if we didn’t have music in our life and I know my life would be sorrier if I couldn’t listen to the stuff that I love. If all heavy metal & hard rock disappeared from the universe and only rap & hip-hop and shitty pop music remained, then I would prefer to not listen to any music at all.

2. Star Trek : Whenever I have been away from watching Star Trek for a while, like a few months, because I am too busy watching other stuff and I come back – it’s like this was something I was missing in my life so badly and now my life is enjoying it a lot and it’s a need. More than just the scifi aspects of it, it’s the stories and ideas and philosophies that have fueled my thinking and my life. It’s the future that I hope for. An even more futuristic version of it is what I always dream about – but it is heavily influenced by Trek.

3. Internet : How else can I share my feelings and thoughts and idea with you? How else can I watch / stream content, buy so much stuff that I need or want? I spend a lot of time online, watching clips on Youtube, blogging and doing all sort of things on Facebook & Twitter as well. I would never want to not have internet at my home.

4. Coffee : Need I say more? I love coffee even more than pizza or beer or vodka (I know, I know) or burgers! Or Coke/Pepsi/7up/Sprite. Because unlike the others, which I love a lot, I need coffee on a daily basis and I drink like 3-4 cups of that delicious, life giving

5. Football : I will always love this sport. It is important that I get to watch football. Not daily but atleast a few times a month. I love club and international football. Sometimes I even need to check transfers and other news when there aren’t any games going on, a few times a day. It is the beautiful game/sport and the people’s game and it is in your blood.

Prompt from 31 Blog Post Ideas for August @ A Grande Life

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