Share Your Most Favorite Useful Blogging Tip.

There are several things I can say is a top tip about blogging, in my humble opinion. I have been blogging for a long time but consistent blogging since maybe 2005-06 and then on this blog since 2007. I am in no way the top level of bloggers in terms of advertising, popularity and income but yeah I have made a good chunk of change for posting some sponsored content over here. Especially since 2019. So what I am picking as a top tip is based solely on my experience.

I would say that be true to yourself and blog about the things that you want to blog about. The things that you are passionate and feel is important and close to your heart. If it’s a sport then write about that or a particular team that you support. If it’s rock music, then do that. Or if it is movies, television, atheism, religion, technology or books or anything under the sun, write about that. But you don’t have to restrict your blog to just one topic; if you have many things that you can and want to write about, then make it a personal blog so you can write about anything and everything. Which is what I do!

And I think that is why I have been able to make the money that I have made on my blog. The kind of topics, or categories as blogs state them to be, are vast and varied and therefore any of the agencies can contact me for sponsored posts on various topics. It won’t matter as I will do almost everything. Kinda like life itself.

Prompt from 121 LIFESTYLE BLOG POSTS IDEAS TO WRITE ABOUT IN 2022 at SheMeansBlogging

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