Share Your Plans For The New Year

Too early to tell but I am expecting to have a quiet evening in with my parents with some good food and nothing much else. Maybe some alcohol. I dunno what exactly I will do yet but yeah, spend the evening at home with my parents sounds about right. I usually do not go out for New Year’s – I think the last time I did that was back in 2011 or so. Since then I have preferred to stay in.

Mostly though that is because going out can be really expensive. I’m happy if I get a bottle of Pepsi and a large pizza with my favourite toppings. Or maybe a bucket from KFC. But I will check with my parents and see what they want. I will ask my sister and if she is not going anywhere with her family or wants to go out with my parents then I will see if she and my niece can come and join us.  If they can it will be more the merrier. I’ll probably play some music and order some fried rice and Indian dishes like tandoori chicken & butter chicken – stuff like that. Maybe some starters as well.

And I will play some of my favourite music all night long. At 12 after the fireworks go out in the city, I will wish my parents a good night and then I will go to bed and maybe watch a movie. Boring I know but safe and comfortable.


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