Sharing 5 Of My Guilty Pleasures (What’s Life Without Some)

1. Chocolate & cream filled cookies/biscuits – so we call them cream biscuits or they can be cookies. Like Oreo or Dark Fantasy or Milk Bikis or Jim Jam. The last one has a bit of sugary strawberry jam in the middle. So good to relax at night after a tough day working and eating a bit of chocolate or cream cookies.

2. Singing along to music while in my bedroom. And playing air guitar and air drums. I am not ashamed to do so even at the age of 46. I even makes the faces and pretend I am playing in front of 10000+ people in a stadium.

3. Ordering takeout : Since we only started ordering takeout a few years ago – and at first it was only Pizza Hut & Dominos that offered it – I have made it a ritual a few times in a week. Usually Saturday night dinner is a given, then maybe some dosa in the middle of the week and a quick sandwich when we don’t know what to make

4. Trolling cringey vloggers : This is something I started doing recently and I’ve even created a separate account on Youtube just to do so. Especially football related or Punjabi & North Indians from Mumbai/Delhi/Haryana area when they think they get so high and mighty on their channels. Ugh!

5. Daydreaming : This blog isn’t called Awake & dreaming for nothing. My daydreaming consists of me being rich and famous – either a guitar god rockstar or a movie & tv star – or living in my dream destination of Canada and enjoying life there. Or and this is the big one, living in the future where mankind has moved onto colonize other planets and moons and travel the stars as easy as we now travel in ships, buses, cars and planes.


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