Shattering Noise In The Lazy Afternoon

It was about 4:30 pm in the afternoon. Lazy sleepy Sunday afternoon I might add. The kind I love. Where there’s not much going on except for people taking long naps or watching Sunday movies on HBO, Star Movies or on any one of the Malayalam, Hindi or Tamil channels. Or you know watching a dvd or two. The kind of Sunday where you get ice cream after a big lunch and the very thought of getting up from your couch/bed is enough to induce pure hatred. It was that kind of a Sunday – mom is watching a movie on the big tv, dad is deep in a nap and I’m lying on my bed watching an episode of Star Trek : Deep Space 9.

The episode was barely 5 minutes in when I lazily reached down to my left side to the bottom of the bed to get the bottle of water that I keep near me. I got up slightly and lifted the bottle to my lips to take a big swig of water when – KABOOOM! A huge earth shattering noise filled the air and I could get the smell of smoke. The power went out at the same time and my laptop was on it’s batteries. The external speakers I plug into the laptop went off as well. A nearby transformer had blown up and that was the sound and the reason for the smoke and the power going out.

With the unexpected shock of that loud explosion, I had a quick jolt and therefore spilled water all over my groin area and the sheet covering the groin area and also my belly. Kinda looked like I either had a bit of a bed wetting accident or that I was really excited to be watching Star Trek. Also it is during moments like this that you realize how salty your balls are – because in that nervous jump up from my bed that I did, I’m pretty sure that my balls jumped all the way up to my throat!

Anyways, I got up and changed the sheets while also using it to wipe myself dry and then settled back on the bed to wait for the power to come back on, which it did in about 30 minutes. And then I went back to watching my show!

4 thoughts on “Shattering Noise In The Lazy Afternoon

  1. Lol, no, they jump from inside of you and reach all the way into the inside of your throat!!

  2. I’ve heard a lot of excuses as to why grown men have wet the bed, mostly involving alcohol, but this explanation is a first!!

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