She Hits 400

Yes sir, she’s done it again. She’s reached another milestone in my blog, as humble as my blog is. I get showered with weekly comments by none other than the wonderful, gorgeous, awesome Meleah.

Back in February of this year I had posted as to the fact that Meleah had posted 300 comments in my blog, not only being the first to reach that figure but leading the charge all the way. 300 comments is a huge deal for me; it was like reaching the 1000 career point mark for an NHL player or 500 goals for a professional footballer (soccer player) – well for me it is anyway.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, she has hit he 400 comment mark. I feel so good that this lovely woman chooses to read my blog on a regular basis and sticks loyally by my writing. Thank you so much Meleah. What ever would happen to my blog without you as my personal cheerleader!

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