She’s Got A Bum Deal!

How do you get jobs like this and is it a long time career? A woman in the UK who works as a “bed bouncer” a Premier Inn hotels had her bum insured for 4 million pounds! Wait, am I high?

Natalie Thomas is said to be so good at checking mattresses for comfort that she’s been given the job title Director of Bed Bouncing and uses her prized asset to check beds all over the UK fr the hotel chain. Her works is to ensure that the hotels don’t have beds which are too hard or too soft. She spends about 20 minutes per bed checking for lumps, bumps and rips. An uncomfortable mattress is removed straight away and replaced with a brand new luxury mattress. She wears soft pants so she can feel out all bumps & lumps and also uses regular moisturizing sessions to take care of her buttocks!

Her and her team of bed bouncers test on average 884 beds a week, around 177 each and every day. While she says she and her team have a lot of fun bouncing on beds, they take their work very seriously.

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