She’s Out Of My League

Jay Baruchel is setting himself up loan amorization to become a movie goer’s favourite with roles in successful flicks like Million Dollar Baby, Knocked Up, How To Train Your Dragon & Tropic Thunder. With the lead in movies like The Trotsky, Real Time & She’s Out Of My League, he’s building a career defined by his own path. In the last movie mentioned he plays a TSA officer with low self-esteem and who has not achieved much in life.

Kirk (Baruchel) lives in Pittsburgh with his parents, obnoxious brother & sister-in-law. He has 3 close friends who also work in the same airport as he does. His ex-girlfriend, Marnie (Lindsay Slone) although dating someone else, still spends a lot of time with his family and is dismissive of his attempts to get back together with her. His direct pay day loan family, with the exception of his mother, do not take him seriously.

That’s when he meets Molly, (Alice Eve) a beautiful event planner, who Kirk is very decent to at the airport while other employees behave indecently towards. He finds her iphone which she left behind and they agree to meet up in a couple of days so he can return it to her. Molly offers tickets to Kirk to the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game at the Mellon Arena; accompanying Kirk is his friend ‘Stainer’ and Molly brings along her best friend & partner Patty. It is informed to Kirk that Molly seems to like him and wants to date him. She comes home for a family lunch at Kirk’s home, where she gels with everyone except Marnie, who is suddenly jealous & seems to want Kirk back.

While on a date with Molly, Kirk meets her ex who is a pilot and who also mistakes Kirk of being a waiter. Kirk is self-conscious and feels less of a man but Molly seems to be into him. At her house, she & Kirk make out – unfortunately there is a case of him ejaculating in his ants at the exact moment that her parents come in. Hilarity ensues when Kirk tries to hide the wet spot only for Molly’s dog to come and lick at it. He runs away from her apartment. Initially this weird behaviour cools things off between them but when Kirk fesses up, things are fine again. However, it becomes obvious to Kirk that he is of a much lower league than her and even finds the fact that she must have a defect to be comforting.

Her defect, webbed feet, however creates issues – Kirk doesn’t think that it is a big deal and that she is almost perfect. This leads to an argument and they split up. Kirk and Marnie resume their relationship and go on a family trip to Branson.  Stainer and Patty realize their mistake in telling Kirk and Molly it wouldn’t work out; the friends convince Kirk that he is “a 10” too. They pull Kirk off his plane as he tries to leave with his family and Marnie, while Patty brings Molly to the airport. Kirk rejects Marnie and reunites with Molly. Later, as a surprise, he takes Molly on a trip in a small plane, with himself being the pilot; he has taken the flying lessons and achieved his goal.

Funny in lots of places, good time movie unsecured payday loans to spend a lazy afternoon watching. I highly recommend it – 8/10.

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