So I went for a little shopping this weekend. I am going to Gurgaon this coming Sunday and I will be there for 12 days or 13. This trip is completely work related and it’s for a training being conducted by our clients. They have a few BPOs that they have outsourced their work to in India, Canada and the Philippines and several of us from India will be meeting Gurgaon in one of the centers (our company does not have an office there in that city).


So I bought a couple of shirts for the stay in Gurgaon. I needed to buy a couple anyway and selected these two from Men’s Studio in Seemati on MG Road.


From Big Bazaar in Center Mall on MG Road I went in and got me some essentials. My shopping carts has shaving cream, a shaving brush, shampoo, a couple of pairs of socks, toothpaste, a tooth brush and Axe body spray.


I also bought a new pair of laceless shoes and a belt (pic not available). Daddy’s gonna look & smell real good for the ladies in Gurgaon.

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