Shorty Back & Sides

Here’s what I did today : woke up very late and then watched some Star Trek : DS9. I’ve just completed the 2nd season of this great series. After that, it was surfing online, drinking coffee and then watching videos on Youtube. By 11:30 am it was time to take a shower and then call up the office to check as to what’s happening there. By 12:30 I was heading over to Barista cafe for a late breakfast.

I had a Swiss Mocha frappe and a smoked chicken sandwich. The coffeeshop was very crowded today and I almost didn’t get a seat. Unfortunately, their Wifi was down and they also chose to play some really shitty songs. Like, one of the dumbest songs I have ever heard, ‘My Hump’ by the Blackeyed Peas! But just on cue, this chick with a really nice hump came and posed at the counter.

After spending enough time there to read a few chapters of a book, I then headed over to the barber shop and cup my mess of a hair. I am losing a lot of hair on the top but it grows quite a lot on the back and over my ears. In this hot climate, it’s not good to keep it long. So a nice shorty back & side later, I was headed over to Velocity for some White Mischief vodka and a biriyani for lunch.

A couple of hours there and 4 drinks later, I came back home for a lite snooze and more sci-fi.

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